Sunday, 19 February 2012

Exhibition: Gözlem

Gözlem (Observation) is an exhibition realized by five artists Selin Bourquin (Switzerland),  Samuel  Burkhardt, Julia Herfurth, Christian Klier (Germany) and Uli Fohler (Austria) who met in Istanbul  in Fall 2011.
The idea of forming a collective came after the discussion on their perceptions of life in this city.

Gözlem is an attempt to share their five month experience  as the foreigners who found themselves being naively caught between excitement and amazement.

The discovery of the “ungraspable” matrix of life- systems, certain values, social structures, speed of life, fluctuation, quick glance on the market situation,  economic diversity, buzzingly-detailed market life, gorgeously personal exchange and consumption stories and friendly people revealed  an interesting playing ground.

The structural basis of the exhibition stands on two concepts: “Borrowing “ and “Buying" which are respectively used on socially based interactions and market relations.

Gözlem is an attempt to share some of this perspective with the city’s inhabitants. Focusing on the evident recurrent consumption in the city, the exhibition tries to propose a foreign interpretation of some matters concerning the subject in Istanbul.

The attitude of the artist collective in the conceptual and creative process can be interpreted as being ironic and sometimes intentionally funny and clumsy.

The exhibition showcases three groups of works entitled “1 Lira- 100 Kuruş”, “Mexico 66- Copy of the Copy”, and “Permanent- Collection from Moda Cad. and Dr. Esat Işık Cad.”.

Gözlem will take place between 28.02.2012 and 03.03.2012, at Lütfiye Apt. No: 14 Moda, Istanbul. The exhibition project is curated by Sezgi Abalı and İpek Çankaya and supported by halka art project.

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